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New Code i made NOT ON WEB YET

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New Code i made NOT ON WEB YET

Post by xBlaZeX 420 on Sat Jul 25, 2015 4:11 pm

3 BlackBirds[Montana]
C0000000 00000017
3D80933C 618C08FE
896C0000 716B00F0
2C0B0000 4082009C
896C0001 716B000F
2C0B0008 4082008C
896C0001 716B00F0
2C0B0010 4082007C
896C0002 716B000F
2C0B0008 4082006C
896C0002 716B00F0
2C0B0010 4082005C
896C0003 716B000F
2C0B0008 4082004C
896C0000 396B0040
996C0000 896C0001
396B0001 996C0001
896C0001 396B0040
996C0001 896C0002
396B0001 996C0002
896C0002 396B0040
996C0002 896C0003
396B0001 996C0003
4E800020 00000000
E0000000 80008000
*Clear Killstreaks to get them

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